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Load testing Sitecore Experience Commerce with Taurus

Performance and load testing is a topic often talked about, but many of our customers have not yet seen a practical implementation of it on Sitecore Commerce. The requirements for an eCommerce website are a little different to that of a brochureware or plain content website. Additionally, we are typically dealing with a distributed system involving web servers, payment gateways and in Sitecore Commerce's case, a separate application that handles the eCommerce functionality.

This post aims to provide an overview of a load testing approach that can be applied to eCommerce implementations with a specific focus on Sitecore Commerce. In future posts I'll be expanding on the approach to address scenarios such as Checkouts, integrating with CI/CD pipelines, and running tests at-scale.
Terminology There a few terms that need to be clarified before we proceed. If you're already familiar with load testing, then you'll be familiar with terms such as: Response time (RT) a.k.a. lat…